Event Alert! - Community Walk #14

Join us on Feb 25st!

8:30 AM

Distance: 2.3km

Duration: 2 Hours

Starting Point: Byculla Station

What to Expect:

Β πŸ—£ Conversations on pedestrian infrastructure

Β πŸ™ Discuss solutions to civic challenges

🌲 Rest at Mumbai's parks

🀝 Connect with other walkability patrons.

πŸŒ† Be part of the walkability movement in Mumbai.

Community Talks πŸ—£οΈ

We conduct online & offline conversations to provide a platform for common citizen dialogue about walkability infrastructure in the city where related field experts are brought in to chime in & talk about the walking infrastructure of the city. Share experiences and knowledge about some interesting things they might have come across. This is also a community-building exercise where the citizens can come together and share problems from their localities & discuss solutions. We also plan to screen fun urbanist content to keep the meets entertaining and fun.

Follow our calendar to stay informed about our upcoming scheduled talks.

Upcoming Events πŸ‘†

Community Walks🚢

We host community walks across Mumbai's neighborhoods to spread the knowledge and thought process of noticing problems in existing walking infrastructure across Mumbai's neighborhoods from a technical standpoint.Β  Creating an active community starts with having citizens who are aware of their rights and know the possibilities of a decent walking infra. During the walks we introduce people to the ethos of Walking Project and our work, keep the participants engaged, and spread awareness among local people for the importance of having a good walking infrastructure & the negatives of having a poor infra that might not usually be outright visible or associated with.