Know Your Footpath

Under "Know your footpath" we plan to acclimatize Mumbaikars with the footpath widths along major roads across MMR. We plan to achieve this by conducting drives with leaflets informing people about the width of the footpath they are currently walking on. With painted-on width markings. 

Numerous guidelines clearly lay down the standards for pedestrian infrastructure, Indian Roads Congress 2012 being the most prominent of them. It lays down what the minimum widths for footpaths should be in accordance with the overall width of the road, the kind of zoning in the locality, what the height should be, how it should be friendly for the different abled, and more.

 The idea is to familiarize people with the width of the footpaths they are getting, against what they should actually get according to IRC (Indian Road Congress) guidelines.

 This helps us improve our advocacy efforts and involve citizens in our movement.