At Walking Project, we are dedicated to championing walkability and revolutionizing pedestrian environments in cities like Mumbai. As part of our unwavering commitment, we conduct walkability audits for roads, along the guidelines set forth by the Indian Roads Congress (IRC).

 With meticulous attention to detail, we assess road design, layout, pedestrian crossings, footpath conditions, signage, lighting, and overall safety measures. Through these audits, we identify areas that require improvement and provide actionable solutions to enhance walkability.

 By adhering to IRC codes and guidelines, we ensure that our audits are conducted with a standardized and recognized framework that is actionable in nature. This approach allows us to provide invaluable insights to the clients, either urban planners, municipal authorities, or other stakeholders involved in urban development projects.

 The benefits of our walkability audits extend far beyond the assessment process itself. By identifying and addressing deficiencies in pedestrian infrastructure, we actively contribute to the creation of safer, more inclusive, and pedestrian-friendly spaces. These audits serve as a vital tool in advocating for improved pedestrian facilities, influencing policy decisions, and shaping the future of urban design in Mumbai.

 We firmly believe that walkability is essential for a vibrant and sustainable city. A well-designed pedestrian environment not only promotes active transportation and healthier lifestyles but also fosters vibrant communities and stimulates local economies. Through our professional walkability audits, conducted with adherence to IRC codes, we are actively working towards our common goal of transforming Mumbai into a city where walking is embraced and celebrated.